Consilium has a tried and tested matrix of contemporary experts that consistently delivers across the spectrum of risk and security consulting. This matrix provides sustained due diligence and business intelligence in active and passive environments. Client confidentiality is key and is a trademark of Consilium’s delivery.

Assignments are not limited to sector or region.

The Consilium matrix is engaged to accomplish novel and challenging assignments out of the reach or capability of others in the international security sector.

As a leading provider of specialist risk consulting, Consilium works with clients to identify, resolve, mitigate or avoid complex commercial or security challenges throughout the world.

Space Security and Operations

We advise on the multiple capabilities of space surveillance systems and how these could be tailored to meet specific requirements, satellite and ground systems procurement, and the unique benefits to intelligence collection operations.

We advise governments on the paths to instituting civil space programmes and the potential advantages to a nation’s economy in future revenue generation. Such a portfolio could include international collaboration, developing and implementing national space policy and infrastructure projects such as constructing and operating a spaceport.